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About emo-punk-gurl

Name: Emo gurl
Age: 19

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Location: united arab emirates
Country: Philippines

Member since: 13-12-2007 (Day-Month-Year)

Status: Single and happy
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Other
Religion: idk what means"religion"

Body Type: Slim

Drink?: I sometimes drink
Smoke?: I don't smoke
Drugs?: I don't use drugs

About Me
i'm a rocker actually a emo punker i listen to rock,pop,punk,gothic songs and i learn at al ain juniors school i am in grade 8 yep so i love hanging with my fwends and going with my sister deserie in grade 8 too same section -d that's why i love her she's the best sistah i saw in phillipines that's why luv yah guys

Other Information

Music: pop,rock,punk,gothic,etc.

TV: e-junior,melody hits,zee arabiya,etc.

Interests: hobbies:listening to music,playing basketball,luv watching tv,etc.

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